How we work

As a private, independent charitable foundation, Constanter enables the philanthropic aspirations of the Brenninkmeijer family business owners in service of the common good. It oversees the philanthropic endeavours, manages a diverse portfolio of investments, and provides bespoke professional services. We try to make the most of our strengths and maximise our potential for positive impact relative to our size. 

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Our approach

Convene, invest, support

Constanter works in strategic partnership with a wider network of philanthropic organisations. Chief among these are Porticus and Laudes Foundation, who advise us and support us in developing and executing our philanthropic strategy. Our investments generate the funding that enables their activities, and we provide professional services to help them operate as effectively as possible. Our approach is inherently collaborative, building strong relationships based on listening and understanding both within our own organisations and with external partners to maximise our impact and the agency of those we work with. 

Our guiding principles

Finding the best path

To help ensure we’re moving in the right direction and doing all we can with our resources, we have a set of guiding principles to inform our philanthropic strategy and decision-making. These aren’t meant to be prescriptive, rather they seek to inspire a deeper understanding of, and approach to, our work. We see our activity as a journey with others, and we accept we will never get every decision right along the way. But we do commit to working hard to continuously learn and get things right over time. 

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Our network

In partnership for change

Our model of philanthropy means that we generally don’t make donations directly. Rather we fund the philanthropic entities which have been established by the Brenninkmeijer family business owners across generations. Historically born out of a connection to the communities where they lived and worked, but now as a result of active engagement in specific areas of interest, these entities include Auxilium, Benevolentia, Clementia Verein, Argidius Foundation and Good Energies.  


Positive impact, proven partnerships

Established in 1995, Porticus is now active in over 135 countries. Porticus believes that the best way to maximise positive impact is to tackle the root causes of problems by understanding the systems in which they arise. This means listening to those that understand the issues best, and working in equal partnership with them to deliver change.  

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Laudes Foundation

Economies that work for everyone

Laudes Foundation exists to challenge and inspire industry to harness its power for good. It operates globally, supporting bold and urgent action to tackle the dual crises of inequality and climate change. Born from the industry-changing work of C&A Foundation and its flagship initiative Fashion for Good, it hopes to redefine value beyond shareholder interests alone, and to re-engineer how we grow and distribute wealth for the good of all people and nature. 

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Our wider universe

Part of something greater

The history of our philanthropy is a story about a family aiming to do good while doing business. Although the philanthropic work and business interests operate independently, they are underpinned by the same spirit and values. And they can challenge and inspire one another – philanthropy ought to be no less effective and professional than business, and business ought to be no less committed to the common good than philanthropy. 

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    The Constanter Board

    Our Board is ultimately responsible for the overall management of all Constanter’s activities across philanthropy, investment, and audit and compliance. It is supported by dedicated committees that it appoints to help it carry out each of these tasks. The Board’s most important responsibilities are:  

    • Managing Constanter by developing strategic goals, approving policies and setting guidelines  

    • Appointing and supervising the people charged with managing and representing Constanter 

    • Preparing the annual statutory and consolidated financial accounts  

    Neither the board members, nor any of the Brenninkmeijer family members serving on the Committees, are remunerated for their work in relation to these roles. 


  • Edward Brenninkmeijer (Chair) 
  • Stan Brenninkmeijer
  • Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer
  • Wim Eysink

Our committees

The Board has established four committees and has delegated certain responsibilities to them. The composition of these committees varies, but in general they include at least one Board member and where applicable, highly skilled external experts in the relevant fields. 

Philanthropy Committee (PC)

The Philanthropy Committee helps the Board oversee Constanter’s philanthropic activities, including the development of the philanthropic strategy. It monitors the implementation of this strategy and reports progress periodically into the Board.   

Audit and Compliance Committee

The Audit and Compliance Committee (ACC) helps the Board oversee accounting and financial reporting practices within Constanter and its subsidiaries, ensuring they comply with laws and regulations and manage risk appropriately. It prepares the plan for adequate internal control and risk management within Constanter, reviewing and amending periodically. The ACC also supports the Board in evaluating the work of the external auditor and the preparation of the financial statements.  

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee (IC) helps the Board oversee investment activities, including the development of the investment strategy. It monitors the implementation of this strategy and reports periodically to the Board. The Constanter Investment Office supports the IC by supervising the implementation of the investment strategy on a day-to-day basis.  

Impact & Responsible Investing Sub-Committee

The Impact & Responsible Investing Sub-Committee (IRISC) is a sub-committee of the Philanthropy Committee and Investment Committee. It helps these committees and the Board formulate impact and responsible investing strategies, for example by advising on how to align Constanter’s investment portfolio with its philanthropic purpose.